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I am running for U.S. House District 1 in Colorado because I am appalled. I grew up here; Colorado is my home. I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps when I was 17 years old. I spent five years on active duty. For most of that time, I was stationed in southern California. I moved back here after I completed my service requirements.

In the current political climate, it seems the only thing people are almost universal in agreeance on is that we are angry. More so than at any time in modern history. As things stand today, this is a critical point in our country's history because of the existential threats we collectively face. Sadly, at this point, especially dire is the internal threat that comes from those who wish to profit from the chaos we are emboiled in as a nation.

We are united in our anger at those who have betrayed us. No single person has the answer, but we as a collective can find a solution.



Quality of education is the most greatest determining factor for the future success of a child's life.

All parents should have the power to decide where their children attend school, not the government. The wealthy can send their kids to private schools if the government-run public school in their area is subpar. The matter significantly affects those below the poverty line whose area public schools often are pledged with budget issues and high staff turnover.

We need to enact legislation that gives parents the right to decide their child's education.


End Corporate Welfare

The government takes your money and gives it to big business

Among the many mismanaged measures of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CARES Act injected $2,200,000,000,000 into the economy. Most of that money went to Wall St, while the common American with an ordinary life received just a whiff of vapor that came from the ocean of money that flooded rich corporate pockets.

This implicates the priority's of those in power. One-third of New York city small buinesses shutdown while Amazon's profit soared 220 percent.

No more as a nation can we afford to sustainably operating under these principles if we wish to have prosperity for the ordinary people. So we need officials in office who will reject any measure that isn't directly in the interest of the ordinary person living peacefully in this country.



We need a simplifed tax code

The tax filing process could be painless; the IRS has the data and capability to do your return for you. Instead, companies like Turbo Tax and HR Block lobby not to make it so. They extract billions of dollars a year from the American population due to this needlessly complicated system.

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